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MedSolace is the first HIPAA-compliant application that provides users with a personalized and highly secure cloud space to which they can easily upload their medical records, diagnostic images, lab results and more.

Users will also be able to track their medical records and images uploaded by medical facilities, and share data with medical professionals remotely using a unique MedSolace ID.

COVID-19 Calculator

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed new and unique AI-driven features for the Mobile application that will help keep you and your family safe and help reopen the economy efficiently.

COVID-19 Outcome Calculator: Estimates the potential outcome of Coronavirus infection using factors like age, gender, smoking status, and associated chronic illnesses.

Symptoms Tracker: Allows users to enter any symptoms that could suggest COVID-19 infection, and follow the symptoms progression. It facilitates early detection and isolation to reduce the spread

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Users Feedback

Preston Lowder

“It’s tough keeping up with three kids. MedSolace just makes sense to keep all of our lives organized and current on our medical records. I don’t have to keep up with shots records or what medications we are allergic to. It’s all there in one place. I also don’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.”

Adisa Hott-Wineglass

“As a traveler, my medical information is now just a click away. As a mom of a kid who plays sports and gets hurt, having all of our medical information and images in one place and available anytime is priceless. It saves us money and more importantly it keeps my son from overexposure to unnecessary radiation from repeated tests.”

Hailey “Puhan” He

“I move around and travel frequently, and having MedSolace really helped expediting the process of updating my medical records. It is also more accurate and saves me a lot of time! Now I won’t have to remember when my last Flu shot or TB test was.”

Bassem Arab, MD

“Uploading medical records was never this easy. As a doctor with family living abroad this is invaluable. With one click my family can upload their medical images and lab results and I can safely follow it up from here and consult other colleagues when needed.”

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